STRUTA – She loves the skin she is in and is always striving to be the best that she can be.

by bootstrapcampus

(Young Entrepreneur Spotlight – Nadine Davis)

“I am really enjoying my time on the programme, it’s preparing me for what it is really going to be like managing my own business as well my career and balancing that with being a mum. I’ve enjoyed meeting the other entrepreneurs and making contacts. Taking part is going to be great for my personal development as well as Strut Daily’s.

Strut Daily is a Womenswear brand that creates meaningful limited edition pieces. Our collections are designed around positive representations of women, which we feel are important to promote. We research a topic and connect it with a particular group of women and their style. Our current collection Femininely Militant (which will be launching in July 2015) was inspired by the strength of women and the power they have when working in solidarity, the style of this collection has been inspired by women in the army. Our previous collection “Feeling Fruity” was inspired by women that are not afraid to express their sensuality and to promote the message that women should feel free to dress and feel however they want to.

As well as selling limited edition pieces and our STRUTA** essentials range, we run a yearly pop-up event for girls ages 13-16 called The Struta Workshop that takes place over 6 weeks and ends with a fashion and performing arts show curated by the participants.”