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And we’re back!

After the massive success of our pilot project, we are back!  Over the next few weeks we will be handing this blog over to the next cohort. 15 young entrepreneurs and 15 Bootstrap mentors have been recruited. So how did it go last time? Click below to find out:


Echo Your Sport


The slogan for the 2012 Olympics hosted in London was “Be Inspired” and that’s exactly the effect it had on me to founder EchoYourSport. A youth-led creative agency which uses digital technology to produce content that #Inspires #Educates #Encourages young people to engage in sport, education and creative arts.


Through a unique and creative approach we use the power of video to provide empowering experiences. The journey began through using a JVC Camcorder to do recorded interviews with local community projects and leaders. These videos began to empower the young community and as a result attracted interest from community and corporate organisations. Through the support and platform provided by Somewhereto I was navigated to Bootstrap Company.


The Enterprise Bootcamp has been a breathe of fresh air for me I came full of ideas and creativity but need some business structure and that exactly what I have received! On top of that I have been surrounded by like-minded young creatives, thought-provoking masterclasses and fantastic mentoring. The pitching event gave me the opportunity to present everything that I had learnt, it was an amazing experience and winning 1st prize was the cherry on top.


EchoYourSport unique selling proposition is collaborating experienced professionals with young creatives to produce professional content. We aim to inspire a new breed of young creatives in a digitalised generation. With the support from SkyAcademy, EchoYourSport are due to release a uniquely produced community video in April 2015 so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Twitter: @EchoYourSport

YouTube: EchoYourSportCIC



Prince of Peace – Revolution is NOW!

(Young Entrepreneur Spotlight – Zion Zakari / Prince of Peace Project)


Our Vision:

We believe all men are destined for greatness. Some have never known or forget due to the turbulent nature of life, but we exist to bring peace in the midst their storms, and restore their once lost identities.

We want to see broken lives mended, community harmony restored and the young people of today achieve their full potential.

We will empower a generation of young men to reclaim their identity and purpose, to reach their full potential in life.

 Our Mission:

To use football coaching and intensive mentoring as a catalyst to socially reform delinquent young men and to raise up a generation of football players who are inspired and empowered to stir up social action in their communities.


Zion Zakari- Welcome to my world. 

I am an aspiring Social Entrepreneur. I am a very Intelligent, bright and caring person. I always endeavour to maintain a positive attitude and people around me are quick to notice my charismatic personality, mainly because I am very sociable and funny!

In all things I do that I am passionate about I do with all my heart and I never fail at any given goal I set my whole heart to achieve. I’ve never failed at something I loved doing and believe I never will. My definition of failure is different from that of most; failure is giving up. I never give up!

I enjoy socializing and meeting new people. It is my passion to help people who are or have been deprived in life, whether emotionally or physically; I rebuild the old waste places (as the scriptures say). I am a leader and a good one at that and I am extremely confident that I am capable of achieving any goal no matter how high and wide. I come, I see and I conquer.

The Journey so far

Coming to a place like Bootstrap was inevitable in my eyes.

I recall when my current business idea was birthed just under a year from now while undertaking my dissertation at Brunel University.

Never did I fully conceive that I would have come this far with the Prince of Peace project, but with a burden to change the world as heavy as the one I carry, destiny gives me no other option.

I want to change lives. I want to empower young people, whom may have gone off the rails in life for whatever reason to change their lives for good. It doesn’t stop there; I also want to empower them so that they can help others to change as well, using their own personal transformation as a testimony of hope to others still held bound in their destructive lifestyles.

Criminals are awful right? The are a scourge to society right? – This was the general consensus in the government and public during and post the 2011 London riots.

If we take time to look at where we have come from and the cards we have been dealt, we would realize how fortunate most of us have been. Perhaps if we were raised in the same place they were, in environments where criminal behavior is the norm, and they in our social environment, we may have been the juvenile delinquents in their stead.

Criticising doesn’t solve the problem; we all know that- good, wise, compassionate action does!

That’s what Prince of Peace is all about, we will be working with young men whom are more prone to engage in delinquent activities such as those in the care system, as well as working with young men aspiring to be professional footballers who may become vulnerable if things don’t go to plan and they are released.

Encouraging good moral principles and developing the skills of these young men is essential if they are to succeed in mainstream society. We will be working with 13-18 year olds in Hackney to begin with in schools, local authorities and other youth organizations.

Keep an eye out for us!

Revolution is NOW!


Is Social Media a Fad?


(Young Entrepreneur spotlight: Elizabeth Akingbade)

Look 1 from AYAO collection

Hey fellow Bootstrap family,

Elizabeth Akingbade here. I’m an emerging designer born in Hackney, raised down south in Bournemouth and recently returned to the capital to study BA Surface Design at London College of Communication.

Since graduating in 2013 I’ve been developing my sustainable clothing label, Yemzi (which came from my Nigerian name Yemi). I’ve designed a few mini collections that have been featured in online magazines such as Dash (London),  Refix (San Francisco)  and Chausseur (London). Last month I gained my first commercial order at a Dutch trade show which has given me a huge ‘Kanye style’ confidence boost to push forward with my “weird” (as quoted by the buyer) digitally printed womenswear. “Yo, I’m really happy for the hundreds of thousands of other clothing designers out there but Yemzi is a sustainable brand, it has art on it, and it will be stocked world-wide.” *drops needle and thread*

On a more serious note, being selected to join Bootstrap under the Enterprise programme has allowed myself and 11 other young people with dope business ideas the opportunity to be mentored by a resident. Our site manager Henry Trew paired me with the talented Oswin Tickler, Creative Director of design studio Small Fury. This week will see our third two hour session which so far has allowed me to discuss the direction and areas of development for Yemzi in great detail. It has been extremely beneficial to bounce ideas off one another and absorb expert advice from a industry professional (which I am very thankful for as Mr Tickler is very busy and has several deadlines a week!)

Hand painted top from Bespoke Bamboo collection

In addition to a mentor every Monday there is a two  hour workshop lead by sports entrepreneur Kofi Oppong, where we focus on a key aspect of being self-employed and successfully running our own businesses. Kofi is very knowledgeable and inspiring which I think are key elements to a successful bootcamp. I am excited to learn more from him over the coming weeks and he may even have a hook-up for my Art Tops in a shop in West London, yay!

As a result of what I’ve learned at Bootstrap so far I have a better understanding of my business, sharpened my online presence, and taken action on diversifying my brand into two labels. This weekend I’ve been working on new silhouettes for my first runway collection, Yemzi Gold Label SS16. I’m thinking of launching it at Dalston Rooftop during summer, what do you think?

Let’s keep in touch…



Instagram: @Yemzi / @YemziLdn

Twitter: IAmYemzi / YemziLdn

Shop my latest range now:


Hand painted Top and belt from Bespoke Bamboo collection

First collection - Wild Cat Tops

AYAO Coellection

STRUTA – She loves the skin she is in and is always striving to be the best that she can be.

(Young Entrepreneur Spotlight – Nadine Davis)

“I am really enjoying my time on the programme, it’s preparing me for what it is really going to be like managing my own business as well my career and balancing that with being a mum. I’ve enjoyed meeting the other entrepreneurs and making contacts. Taking part is going to be great for my personal development as well as Strut Daily’s.

Strut Daily is a Womenswear brand that creates meaningful limited edition pieces. Our collections are designed around positive representations of women, which we feel are important to promote. We research a topic and connect it with a particular group of women and their style. Our current collection Femininely Militant (which will be launching in July 2015) was inspired by the strength of women and the power they have when working in solidarity, the style of this collection has been inspired by women in the army. Our previous collection “Feeling Fruity” was inspired by women that are not afraid to express their sensuality and to promote the message that women should feel free to dress and feel however they want to.

As well as selling limited edition pieces and our STRUTA** essentials range, we run a yearly pop-up event for girls ages 13-16 called The Struta Workshop that takes place over 6 weeks and ends with a fashion and performing arts show curated by the participants.”



Young Entrepreneur Spotlight: Byron Morris

IGNORANT is a brand for the change and empowerment of the mind and using it to it’s limits. We are happy to be collaborating currently with such an established part of London culture. Bootstrap has the minds any brand needs to get off the ground.Follow us here:

“The change that can be made within life when you are around the right people saying the right things is limitless.”